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Dry Eyes

Your Eye Doctor’s Role in Dry Eye Care

When it comes to the topic of dry eye care, there have been many theories and definitions. The most up-to-date definition is: Dry eye is a multifactorial disease of the ocular surface characterized by a loss of stability of the tear film. This tear film instability results in ocular surface inflammation creating the dry eye symptoms. It is estimated that 4.88 million Americans age 50 and older have dry eye.

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  1. Could you have dry eye? Ask yourself…do you have any of the following?
    1. A history of dry eye?
    2. Feeling of dryness with or without contact lenses?
    3. Did you stop wearing contact lenses?
    4. Do you use any over the counter eye drops?
  2. Talk to your eye doctor if you have any of these dry eye symptoms:
    1. Sporadic tearing?
    2. Dryness?
    3. Watery eyes?
    4. Stinging eyes?
    5. Burning eyes?
    6. Eye Irritation?
    7. Grittiness?
    8. Red eyes?
    9. Blurry vision?

If you do show signs or are experiencing symptoms of dry eye, talk to your eye doctor. Our eye care professionals can help treat dry eyes. Every dry eye treatment plan is catered to the individual patient and their severity of dryness: mild, moderate, severe and/or if they have evaporative dry eye syndrome or aqueous deficient dry eye syndrome. If you have any of the above symptoms talk to your optometrist today and begin improving the way your eyes see and feel.

– Amy Ruzicka, O.D., Clarkson Eyecare (Ohio)

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